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Carl Wolfe
Carl Wolfe Aug 20 '11
The newsfeed or the way I enter what I want to say but I see no enter button I enter on my keyboard but it does not post it just goes to the next line.. what is wrong here is there a send button someplace I can't see?
The Forum post is edited by Carl Wolfe Aug 20 '11
Michael Leader
Michael Aug 21 '11
I would guess you are using Internet Explorer?
If you are, try switching compatibility mode.

Try your site on another browser as well. 
Carl Wolfe
Carl Wolfe Aug 22 '11
Thank you for replying to the post this is important to me I love your program and really wan it to work for my site, ok I changed the compatibility view trying all available with no luck.. I tried other browsers, same thing, I tried other compuiters even my iphone, same thing.here is the link, you try it and let me know if you can do anything but you will have sign up...http://fortsmithnightlife.com/peprally/Please try it..Thanks
FrenZinn.com Aug 23 '11
hope u r installed the site with softcaulous script installer , then it is due to the corrupted newsfeed plugin ,please delete news feed plugin and install it again the latest version   by downloading it from store 
Carl Wolfe
Carl Wolfe Aug 23 '11
Ok I am going to need help here with that one.I downloaded the newsfeed extracted it and replaced the newsfeed on the server as my host tech instructed me to and it still does not work.. what am I doing not right?
FrenZinn.com Aug 24 '11
i think u need not to extract it, please up load it using the plugin section in the admin area using ftp details and install it from the available plugins ,u need not to add direct to server instead use it from the admin area 
Joe Aug 24 '11
I had the same problem awhile back. I installed through Softaculous. I removed that install and did a manual install. No problems since then.
Hope that helps some.
Carl Wolfe
Carl Wolfe Aug 24 '11
I build my own websites - self tought- so forgive me if you might think I am blonde or something, but I tried going to the admin of the program to the upload part for new plug-ins I downloaded the newsfeed but it called for me to open it when I wanted to  upload the file to the plug in area but it only let me open the file and upload one part at a time, which I knew wasn't right so I didn't, how do I upload the whole file? not parts of it, is there anouther way to  replace and install the the whole file can i use my FTP program some how? I tried that and it didn't work I understand what you mean by replacing the plug in. can you give softcaulous  the newsfeed file that works when we install it from our hosting company? Thank you for your replies I will get through this with your help... :) replacing the whole program is a whole new world to me but with help I may be able to do it i use a hosting company but they don't help with these softcaulous programs ...CW
Carl Wolfe
Carl Wolfe Aug 26 '11
Ok I chnged my Hair color and did it the right way and got i working, thanks fr your help all of you!