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css Changes have no effect | Forum

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Don Page
Don Page May 28 '14
I'm using the Origin Theme, when I make changes to the oxwall/ow_themes/origin/base.css they have no effect.  I have deleted the entire file contents and saved it, still no change!  I even checked the file size to make sure the change happened on the server.    I know I'm using the wrong css, what's the right one??



Alia Team
Alia May 29 '14
Don, we strongly recommend editing CSS from admin panel and not from the base.css directly.

In admin panel CSS can be added under Appearence>>edit theme>>"CSS" tab.

If you feel comfortable editing  base.css without using admin panel, then make sure that DEV MODE is enabled in ow_includes/config.php. Don't forget to disable this mode once you are done checking your changes.
Don Page
Don Page May 29 '14


Thanks for the quick reply.  

I should copy the entire css from above the edit panel, paste, edit there and save?


Margoh Jun 2 '14
No, you don't have to copy all of css there.
You can set dev mode to false > refresh page > if you see changes that you have applied in base.css change dev mode to true. Thats all, you don't need to copy anything.

All the best,
TimoViBritannia Jun 2 '14
you have to edit the file in ow_static/themes/<yourtheme>
JB TECH Jun 3 '14
It depends on how much you're editing. Do you want to edit a whole lot within the theme, pretty much change it? Or just change a couple of colors and move the position of some things? If you want to really give your theme a make-over (changing it completely) then edit DEV mode in your ow_config/config.php file at the bottom. Begin changing the CSS, Save, then clear your site cache and the changes will take effect.

If you only need to edit a small amount of things, then go to Admin > Appearance > Edit Theme and click 'CSS' and add your custom-css to the box, and hit 'Save.' Changes will take effect immediately.