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Fancybox now working under v1.2.4 build 4230? - Fancybox | Forum

Eric Sep 17 '11
I upgraded my Oxwall installation to v1.2.4 build 4230.
Everything seems to work as expected.

After the update I installed the Fancybox plugin, but that does not seem to work.
When I click an image in a blogpost or photo album, I do not get the Lightbox effect.

There are no configurable settings for Fancybox, so I assume it should work right out the box.
Am I correct?

Honsa Sep 18 '11
same here, updated the demo environment too and cannot reproduce your issue:

yes fancybox should work out of the box after activation
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Honsa Sep 18 '11
may it helps if you clean your ow_smarty/template_c/ folder, but i dont think so
Den Team
Den Sep 19 '11
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Eric Sep 20 '11
Hello Honsa,

I tried your suggestion to empty the ow_smarty/template_c folder.
Unfortunately, to no avail.
If I read correctly, Fancybox only supports images posted in forums?
I have seen the hack to enable it for other sections too.
Anyway, I entered a forum post with an image and it doesn't zoom when clicked.
Instead, it opens in a separate tab.

Eric Sep 20 '11
Hello Honsa,

I noticed that in your link you are using a photo album.
I tested that as well, and that does not work either.

Honsa Sep 28 '11
I tested it again, with IE and chrome and it works.

you mean this link:


edit: oh and fancybox works at the moment just on photo plugin, if you want to use it on forum pictures you have to change some details...
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Eric Oct 3 '11
Hello Honsa,
I've been away for a couple of days, so couldn't get back to you earlier. 
I suspect you tested Fancybox against an Oxwall installation in the root of your website?
I'm running Oxwall from a subfolder, and that is what causes the problem.
If you take a look at the end of webpages incorporating Fancybox, you'll notice that  Fancybox support files are included using relative URL's, i.e.:

<script type="text/javascript" 

As you can see "/site-1/ow_static/plugins/fancybox..." is relative to the server root, and not the website's root, which is "www.gladbags.com./site-1/".

You can probably fix this by changing the relative links to absolute links, as used by other components. 


Honsa Oct 13 '11
you are right, thanks for your advice, i will change it in next versions
Niels Nov 8 '11
Since I'm running Oxwall from a subfolder too, can anyone give me advise how to change relative links to absolute as described by Eric, so I can use the Fancybox plugin?

Honsa Nov 16 '11
use your complete url
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