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Oxwall on WAMP | Forum

ross Team
ross Jun 16 '14
You need to increase the maximum_exucution_time in your php.ini. 
Pauline Jun 17 '14
I already increased to 99. But still the same error. Anyway, it already has a working installation in WAMP, even if it has the error. Except of course, because of usual headaches with localhost (wamp) like email sending upon user registration. 

Other than that, it works fine. It's just really recommended to use it on an online server I guess. Again, thank you Ross for the help! :)


1. Create a folder on wamp/www, e.g. "oxwall". And unzip the oxwall archive in wamp/www/oxwall

2. Create a database on phypmyadmin, e.g. "oxwall".

- Databases Tab > Type 'oxwall' in text field > Create

3. Create a user 

- "oxwall" database on sidebar > Priveleges Tab > Add User > Fill in the Form (e.g. Username: oxwall_user, Host: localhost, Password: (generate pass and take note of it)) > Make sure user is granted all priveleges on database "oxwall" > Check All Global Priveleges > Add User

4. Make sure Apache rewrite_module is enabled.

- WAMP icon >  Apache > Apache modules > rewrite_module

5. Make sure your mysql port is 3306.

- WAMP icon > MySQL > my.ini > Find "port" and make sure it's equal to 3306

6. Go to wamp/www/oxwall/ow_core/database.php, edit it and find PORT: 

$port = isset($params['port']) ? (int) $params['port'] : null;

and change it to

$port = isset($params['port']) ? (int) $params['port'] : 3306;

7. Go to localhost/oxwall and install. There may be errors (at least mine had), but it would install anyway just keep clicking "continue" or "finish". And probably don't install some plugins first. Just do it later after installation on admin panel.

The Forum post is edited by Pauline Jun 17 '14
ross Team
ross Jun 17 '14
Pauline, I forgot to mention that you'll need to restart the server. Did you do that?
Pauline Jun 18 '14
Yes, I did. Anyway, I'm now testing oxwall online now, so I didn't need the wamp local installation anymore (since it's inconvenient). Thanks for the help.
Olivier Jul 8 '14
Oxwall 1.7 installs fine on WAMP !!!
ross Team
ross Jul 8 '14
Thanks for letting us know Olivier
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