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dropdown in top status bar no longer works - Go Top | Forum

Martin Philipps
Martin Philipps Jun 21 '14


after installing this plugin, my dropdown lists in te upper status bar (language selector, my profile etc.) no longer worked. Also any link in the Admin panel is dead. I can only access pages by typing the URL directly in the the navigation bar.

Even after deinstallation the problem persists. That is really frustrating. The plugin itself worked though (scrolling back to top) but it is useless if the upper menu bar doesnt work anymore. Now I am trying to fix it... Eptying the browser cache didnt help yet...

Any ideas or help please?

Thank you

Mohammad Jun 25 '14
Martin,This plugin include libraries that is not related to anything,maybe another plugin or a conflict cause the problem
Martin Philipps
Martin Philipps Jun 25 '14

I figured out the problem - it's due to some French translations (and inconsistent prgramming style of some plugin developpers)

French uses a lot of Apostrophes like '

So in a French translation there are a lot of Apostrophs.

If the plugin developper definesstrings with apostrophs 'like this' then an apostrophe within the string destroys it. In such a case Javascript stops working and the dropdown lists and javascript links no longer work.

So either the plugin developper is coding every apostrophe in his string or he uses consistently " for his strings or the translator avoids apostrophs ' all together. Thats what I did and since then the dropdown lists in the upper menu bar work again....

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