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Groups - Invisible - That I follow | Forum

idea Oct 19 '10

If I follow a group then it should be in my profile's group list...
but it's not there..

also the label of that widget "Group" is also missing..

Den Team
Den Oct 21 '10
You can configure this label via My Profile->Customize this page or admin can setup it via Admin Panel->Pages&Menus->User profile.

Regarding group participiating... would you send me PM with your site URL and this username login details? I will check it.

Thank you
idea Oct 21 '10
here is the site link ikbc.in
just log in there i will give you admin authorities
Den Team
Den Oct 21 '10
Logged in :)
idea Oct 22 '10
Dear Addenster,
I'd fixed up the "Label" but still listing problem is there..
TJ Nov 19 '10
I concur that this is a problem.

Groups widget on User Profile only lists the groups created. But should list the groups one is a Member of.

Maybe it is a feature request more than a bug, but it is illogical. I'm getting into the sourcecode... maybe i'll have time to try something this weekend but i'm still learning this plugin architecture.
Bjorn Nov 19 '10
It's inside this file.
I need to look at the code before i find anything more :)
Or if someone gets the solution before me.
Bjorn Nov 19 '10
One more thing, it's called from ow_plugins\groups\components\user_groups_widget.php

And the function it's calling is: findUserGroupList($userid, 0, $count);
Bjorn Nov 19 '10
Or from this: findUserList($groupId, 0, $count)
Bjorn Nov 19 '10
Have looked in the files, and there is a bug.
The only groups that is visible on all users profile is the group member has created.
The bug is in the file: ow_plugins/groups/bol/group_dao.php

This function is creating the list.
public function findByUserId( $userId, $first = null, $count = null )

And up in the code you can se what table in database this is getting data from.
public function getTableName()
return OW_DB_PREFIX . 'groups_group';

But this can't be changed, then it will be some missing info in all groups and lists.
There must be a way to fic this, or create a new function that can be used.

If not someone else fix this, i will try later to do a test. :)
Hope this helps.
Den Team
Den Nov 22 '10
Thanks for report guys! Will fix it soon.