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The header_bg? | Forum

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Maria Oct 5 '11
Hello :-)I downloaded the Spring theme and it is very nice, but the flowers at the top is to feminine for my use, so I was wondering if I could change the header_bg in any way? If so, how?Thanks for reply in advance :-)
Joe Oct 5 '11
The easiest way... however, if you update the theme you will lose the image...
- In Photoshop or other software create your new image at 1000px w x 405px h
- Save it as header_bg.jpg
- Upload it to your ow_themes/spring/images/ folder and also
  your ow_static/themes/spring/images/ folder ...overwriting the existing files.

That's it.

Or... if you want to make sure you don't lose it on upgrading...

- Save the file as header_bg-2.jpg
- Upload it to your ow_themes/spring/images/ folder and also
  your ow_static/themes/spring/images/ folder
- Now, go to admin >cutomize theme >edit css
- In the custom css, copy and paste this:

.ow_header .ow_canvas{

Now, if you want to change the size of the image you'll have to do some additional editing but 1000px x 405px is the size of the current image.

Hope this helps
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Azia Underwood
Azia Underwood Oct 5 '11
When using the spring theme you must remember that you need an image that is the exact size of the header that is already there. If you don't you would have to edit the CSS for the height as well.

The best way to do it is to edit the CSS inside the admin panel because just replacing the image will lead to it being deleted during any upgrade.

This is the line that you want to edit

.ow_header {
    backgroundurl("images/page-bg.jpg") repeat-x scroll left bottom #F1F1F1;

The size of the current image is 1000x405, you can make the image smaller or even bigger if you like; if that is the case you must change the value of height in the CSS tag from 405 to whatever the height is of your image (and if you make it wider just add a width style into it).

You can upload your image inside the admin panel under Appearances → Graphics. Copy the link to the image and paste it inside the CSS code.
Maria Oct 6 '11
Thank you both :-)I used to be a designer/skinner for Invision Powerboard a few years ago, but as I havent "updated myself" since then and it is sometimes hard to remember some of these things.. Anyways, I considered the size, and everything is correct, I have uploaded the new image to ow_themes/spring/images/ folder, but for some reason it converts to a wordpad-file, this is new to me and I dont understand why, then I tried to upload the image to ow_static/themes/spring/images/ folder, but I can't get access to that, and the spring folder wont allow me to CHMOD it to 777 either, I used to know how to get around that in Smart FTP, but now I can't remember... So all in all I am stuck...Note..  If I even try to copy the CSS and put it in the edit-form in Admin it changes the design on the board making it "lopsided" or should I say it gets pushed to the left...At the end I cannot get that header_bg altered...
The Forum post is edited by Maria Oct 6 '11
Maria Oct 6 '11
Okay, now I fixed it :-D  I deleted the skin from FTP, then I went in to the skin/image-folder before I uploaded and I changed the image there, then I uploaded the skin and of course the new image that I wanted was in there istead of the old, and I got my header in place like I wanted to ;-DYeeeey :-D
Michelle Jan 5 '12

I as well have a custom header I would like to use. I am using the Aayakabu fine blue theme, does anyone know if you can use a custom header with this?