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Kelvin {the GodFada}
Hello, please someone should help me on HOW CAN I ADD A FULL BACKGROUND TO THE OXWALL SIGN IN PAGE. Just how to add a background image
Alia Team
Alia Jul 31 '14
Check http://docs.oxwall.org/overview:custom_design .
Look under "Sign in" section > Page Background color/image
Kelvin {the GodFada}
Ok, let me go check and I will update you back

Kelvin {the GodFada}
Aliia please i insert the code:

 .ow_sign_in_cont { background:url("http:/sitename.com/ow_userfiles/themes/theme_image_29.png") repeat; }

 and Claire my browser cache but yet the Full Sign in background immage dont display.
Please help
Only the Form Bg works with

.ow_sign_in_wrap form {    background: none no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent #A9F5F2;}
Wilson Aug 5 '14
Hey Sgt. Kelvin,

To see changes, make sure you have define('OW_DEV_MODE', false); located in /ow_includes/config.php set to true.

Should look like this: define('OW_DEV_MODE', true);
After your done editing, put it back to "false"

Den Team
Den Aug 5 '14
Topic was moved from General Chat.
Daisy Team
Daisy Aug 5 '14
Sgt. Kelvin, please specify what theme you are using.
Paulo Aug 6 '14
hi im using theme ethos-

im trying to change the login screen background and the splash screen background

Daisy Team
Daisy Aug 6 '14

Paulo, try using the following styles:

{    background: url("http:/sitename.com/ow_userfiles/themes/theme_image_29.png") repeat scroll 0 0 #fff;

The Forum post is edited by Daisy Aug 6 '14
Kelvin {the GodFada}
Daisy am using the theme "Revolution" i want it its background and the Splash Screen look like this on this attachment bellow.

Thanks for your helping and God bless you.

  Screenshot (7).png (478.97Kb)
Daisy Team
Daisy Aug 6 '14

Sgt. Kelvin, try using these styles:

{    background: url("http:/sitename.com/ow_userfiles/themes/theme_image_29.png") repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);}

Mike Smith
Mike Smith Dec 8 '14
I followed the above instructions - Enabled Dev mode, updated the CSS per above with my image and nothing displays.

I am using the seduction theme.

Please help...

ross Team
ross Dec 8 '14
Mike, there's no such theme for Oxwall. I believe you're using Skadate Lite software. Please send all your request and questions to Skadate support team as we do not provide assistance to Skadate clients.