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Join Group Approval. | Forum

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GH Oct 20 '11
There when clicking on the Join button, to join a group.. It would be nice to eventually be able to approve or disapprove this user..

Maybe that's where you are going anyway, after all, why even have a join button if anyone can join? I guess there is value is seeing what groups you are a commenter to .. but it would be really nice to disallow/allow people to certain groups.

Eric Oct 20 '11
At the moment all groups are public in Oxwall.
The feature to make groups private is often requested by users.
It is in the planning for a future release.


GH Oct 20 '11
One other thing that would be really nice, in our case..

We use Groups to chronicle a project. but when the project is finished, we want the group to become read only.. Still see all the contents.. but no changes can be made. How hard would that be to ad?

Or, kick off all of the users, and dont allow anyone to join. Thus,making it read only

Eric Oct 21 '11
You could  achieve this by creating a new role. 
Give that role the usual permissions, including View Groups.
Disable Create/Edit Topic.
Assign the user(s) simply the new role upon completion of the project.
Remember however, that at this moment, the permissions assigned by the new role would be enforced for ALL groups.


GH Oct 21 '11
Yes, I thought of that.. but Id have to remember what users are in what Group.. Then go into their profile, and change roles.. Get 500 people in there , would be real hard to do.

Eric Oct 22 '11
Yes, I agree. 
As long as the Groups system is public by nature, it's effective application is limited, very limited.
I sincerely hope the Oxwall team will address this shortcoming soon.


GH Oct 22 '11
I guess one thing I hadnt thought of, you could click on a group as an admin.. See all the users.. Click on their profiles one by one.. Reassign the roles..  Could work I guess, but its really a short coming for sure.

Cesar Leiva
Cesar Leiva Sep 21 '18
year 2018 and even oxwall does not give more options for groups both on the wall to choose who can comment only administrator or all or the option to accept a person in the group or not ... :(
The Forum post is edited by Cesar Leiva Sep 21 '18