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User credits- Account types- User roles - User Credits | Forum

Guillaume Dargery
Guillaume Dargery Feb 1 '15

I'd like to have this behaviour

Free members don't have permission to send private messages to others even if they have credits available
Paid members have permission but must pay 5 credits in addition to their monthly subscription to do so

Is it possible today ? Do you plan to make it possible ?
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Feb 3 '15
Guillaume, yes, it's possible. Please check out the explanation in this thread: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/27556?page=1#post-125906

If it does not help, please provide me with more details on how your site is configured and I will try to find the proper solution for you.

Guillaume Dargery
Guillaume Dargery Feb 6 '15
My case is different. There it not two different account types. The same user (so same account type:standard) changes is role from free to VIP by paying a subscription.

As free user he shall not have permission to start dialog even if he has credits available.
I uncheck then 'start dialog' in privacy and permission for free user
I also disable the credit for standard account type
That way the user can definitely not contact another user

If this user pays a subscription he becomes VIP.
As a VIP he shall now have permission to start the dialog but must pay 5 credits.
Here I have no solution
If I check 'start dialog' in the permissions for VIP users, then no credit is required even if I enable -5 credits for account type standard
If I uncheck 'start' dialog' in permissions for VIP users, he can't 'start dialog' unless I enable -5 credits but
If I enable the -5 credits for account type 'standard', then free users will also have permission by paying 5 credits

Any idea ?

Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Mar 2 '15

Guillaume Dargery, in case you use the Paid Membership and User Credits plugins together, the system works the following way:

If you make the 'Start dialog' service available to role -  this service won't be counted by the User Credits plugin. 

If you want the system counts the credits regardless of the roles settings, you should modify the plugin functionality.

Please find the detailed description of this in this post: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/23395?page=1#post-106406

Poh Jun 17 '15

I´m having trouble with user credits + messages.

Messages plugins offers mailbox and webchat. In my site only webchat is active.

User credits allows charging X (in my case X = 1) credits when the user continue the conversation. But it charges 1 credit for each message sent. I would like to know if the is a way to setup a delay for charging. Example: charging 1 credit each 60 seconds instead every message.

By charging users by message sent I will have to sell packages with at least 1000 credits. This and discourage the user to use the site.

Is that possible to do? Is there other plugin rather than messages that allos me to do that?

Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Jun 19 '15
Poh, the plugins works by counting each message. So, it's possible to add the time limit as the plugin custom modification only. 
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Jul 15 '15
AJ, this is really strange situation. Could you please provide us with the Admin Area access details, so we could check whether your settings are correct.
Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Jul 19 '15

AJ, first of all if you want an action (for ex: Upload Photo) to be available via User Credits, you should uncheck this action for Member and VIP user roles.

Then you should go to the User Credits plugin settings and set -5 value for the 'Add Photo' for the Member account type, switch the account type to VIP (select box at the top of the page) and set -2 value for the 'Add Photo' action.

Finally, please keep in mind that the actions available to the users roles are summed up. That means, that if a user has two roles: first role doesn't allow to upload photos and second role allows to do that - the user who has these two roles will be able to upload photos and this action won't be counted by the User Credits plugin.

We have checked your site settings and found out that:

- The 'Upload Photos' action is available to all role except Member;

- The 'Add Photos' action is disabled for VIP account type in the User Credits settings;

- Users can have several roles, for ex: Members and Model.

That's why the system does not work the way you need.

Please carefully read the information in the first post of this topic.

Read the plugin configuration manual once again: http://www.oxwall.org/...e53555ad4212da25.pdf

And finally, please follow the instructions we gave you above.

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