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Oxwall Finalize Install Issue | Forum

Owen Baines
Owen Baines Oct 24 '11
I have followed all the Instructions and have successfully configured everything, However when i get to the Finalizing Installation page i always get this code,


define('OW_URL_HOME', '{$site_url}');

define('OW_DB_HOST', '');
define('OW_DB_PORT', null);
define('OW_DB_USER', '{$db_user}');
define('OW_DB_PASSWORD', '{$db_password}');
define('OW_DB_NAME', '{$db_name}');

define('OW_DB_PREFIX', '{$db_prefix}');

define('OW_DIR_USERFILES', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_userfiles'.DS);
define('OW_DIR_STATIC', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_static'.DS);
define('OW_URL_STATIC', OW_URL_HOME.'ow_static/');
define('OW_URL_USERFILES', OW_URL_HOME.'ow_userfiles/');
define('OW_DIR_PLUGINFILES', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_pluginfiles/');

define('OW_PASSWORD_SALT', '4ea5eeb30679f');

define('OW_DIR_CORE', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_core'.DS);
define('OW_DIR_INC', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_includes'.DS);
define('OW_DIR_LIB', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_libraries'.DS);
define('OW_DIR_UTIL', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_utilities'.DS);
define('OW_DIR_PLUGIN', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_plugins'.DS);
define('OW_DIR_THEME', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_themes'.DS);
define('OW_DIR_SYSTEM_PLUGIN', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_system_plugins'.DS);
define('OW_DIR_SMARTY', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_smarty'.DS);

define('OW_USE_CLOUDFILES', false);

if ( defined('OW_CRON') )
    define('OW_DEBUG_MODE', false);
    define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);
    define('OW_PROFILER_ENABLE', false);
    * Make changes in this block if you want to enable DEV mode and DEBUG mode
    define('OW_DEBUG_MODE', false);
    define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);
    define('OW_PROFILER_ENABLE', false); 

And as you can see there is no change, The site URL and Database information isnt set up in the code .

I have done several Oxwall Installations and this is the first time ive faced this error. Its not the Server as ive used it on all other installations, Also its cant be the Version as ive used the same 1.2.4 version.

Den Team
Den Oct 25 '11
It seems that you have some problems with sessions on your hosting. Your session was expired. That's why script can't get inserted by your data from $_SESSIOn array.

Den Team
Den Nov 21 '11
Topic was moved from Bug reports and troubleshooting.