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Problems With Update To Platform 1.2.5 | Forum

Paul Oct 27 '11
I did the update this morning using the auto-update from the admin panel and updated the plug-ins the same way and now have a couple of problems.

Firstly, I had to deactivate the blog plugin as it was causing the pages not to display properly - I was getting an error message stating that the blog widget was missing.

Secondly, neither members or I can post on the newsfeed.  We can comment on old posts without a problem but can't post anything.  It is also no longer possible to post on the wall on profile pages.

Please help!!
Den Team
Den Oct 31 '11
Hello Paul.
Did you update ALL plugins? Would you provide us with your site URL?
Paul Oct 31 '11
It's http://www.matesgate.biz

It all works fine now except for the blogs - I've deactivated the blog plugin and everything else works fine.  I updated all plugins using the admin panel after the platform update.

What I was thinking was to take a backup the blog SQL table, then uninstall the blog plugin and reinstall it and then restore the backup to the SQL table.

What do you think?
Den Team
Den Oct 31 '11
Good idea. Try it in this way. 
Paul Nov 1 '11
That worked - I'm quite impressed with myself now!!

Thanks for the help Addenster - as always, very much appreciated.
Den Team
Den Nov 3 '11
You are welcome :)