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Don Page
Don Page Sep 26 '14

Before I understood how to modify the css in oxwall I did it the old fashioned way, and I think I goofed.  I now have a red bar along the bottom of each page, I suspect it's a bit of the background showing through. I was using red as a test color to try and figure out what was what in the css. (See Attached)

I searched the css and my custom css in the edit window and can't find a scrap of red background.  I re-installed the original css and it didn't help, I changed dev_mode to true when I did it.

How can I change the red bar to a nice gray bar to match the rest of my site?





  Capture.PNG (121Kb)
JB TECH Sep 27 '14
Have you done the following?

1)In your FTP at the install path of your Oxwall site, open the folder ow_includes
2)Click 'Edit' on "config.php"
3)Scroll to the very last three lines of code and set OW_PROFILER to "true" and save.
4)On your site, a toolbar at the bottom appears. To the right, click "Clear Cache."
5)As an additional step, clear your browser cache and then reload your site.

Oxwall's smarty theme gets cached almost all the time when you make internal .css file edits on a theme. The case isn't for the Custom CSS Box because that simply injects an @media all into the <style> tags of each page on your site. You can also search the store for "cache cleaner extreme" and use that tool to clear your website's theme, plugin static file, and other cache with one click.

Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Sep 27 '14

Quote from Don Page http://heretomeet.com/oxwall/

It's in your admin panel Css, look at line 4

Don Page
Don Page Sep 29 '14

No I did none of the above!  But thanks for the info I'm sure I'll need it in the near future.


I must be going even blinder than I thought.  I searched my css and can't find the line!  But then who cares, I added a body{background-color:#ffffff} to the end of the custom css and we are good as gold.

Thanks All


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Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Sep 30 '14
Yes blind, I see where you added body{background-color:#ffffff} to the last line, BUT,,, if you look at the fourth line you will see body{background-color:#cc0000} as I stated.

Not the base.css at cPanel, look w/In admin panel, same input section you put the body{background-color:#ffffff} Okay, hope where on the same page now lol, look at the 4th line and you will see body{background-color:#cc0000}
ZaraHarding Jan 19
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