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HOW: Photo description make Required? | Forum

David Oct 28 '14

Quote from Daisy Please be more specific.
Daisy, please give me your site link, where I'll can show you a result...
Daisy Team
Daisy Oct 29 '14
David, please simply describe the problem, provide the screenshots of the problem and I will do my best to assist you.
Guna Oct 31 '14
Have you done any modification in PHOTO plugin?

If no, Try Deactivate the plugin and activate the plugin once again.

David Oct 31 '14

Quote from Guna Have you done any modification in PHOTO plugin?

I did of course!
Guna Nov 1 '14
Here comes the important turn in this question. 

Please revert back the changes and check whether photo description is working properly or not.

Mostly due to the change made on the plugin, this error may happen. 

If possible, please give us the information on what you changed in PHOTO plugin?

David Nov 1 '14

No need to look for errors where there are none. Just try to test the above modification of the script and see that it does not work!

I know whereof I speak, I have experience in scripts...

And I repeat again, you do not even try it.

Next, I will only communicate with Daisy.

tammy harris
tammy harris Nov 2 '14
i could not make this mod work 
daisy can you please add this to the next update 
David Nov 2 '14

Quote from Tammy i could not make this mod work 
daisy can you please add this to the next update 
That's it! And I could not make this mod work again and again...
David Nov 2 '14
Because very important (and for SEO too) make pics description required! But this mod works partially...
Daisy Team
Daisy Nov 2 '14
David, did you recompile the sources by enabling DEV_MODE? Did you clear the browser cache? Please open the /ow_static/plugins/photo/js/upload.js file and check if the changes you've done in the /ow_plugins/photo/static/js/upload.js file were applied. Also, please enable the Firebug and check the http://domain.com/ow_static/plugins/photo/js/upload.js ping to see if it also contains the modification. Also, please specify whether you have any plugins which somehow work with the Photo plugin and may interrupt the changes we made.
David Nov 3 '14
Daisy, you didn't read my messages...

I repeat, your modi-code works partially.

It means all .JS are refreshed BUT this is not enough to achieve the desired result.

I describe the problem in detail above.

Daisy Team
Daisy Nov 3 '14
David, I cannot find the detailed explanation about the result you want to achieve in this topic. All you are saying is that the modification does not work. Could you please provide me the step-by-step instructions on how to see that it does not work. This will help me to understand what's wrong and what should we do to solve this problem.
David Nov 4 '14
Dear Daisy, you are wrong.

I have already written in detail:



Please do not go in a circle...

The Forum post is edited by David Nov 4 '14
Daisy Team
Daisy Nov 4 '14
David, I would really appreciate if you stop waisting my time.

You've asked about modification, and I've provided solution: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/26671?page=1#post-118263

You've reported the problem: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/26671?page=1#post-118555

And I've provided the fix to this problem: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/26671?page=1#post-118748

Have you applied this fix?

Anyway, I've replaced the incorrect code in the instruction described here: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/26671?page=1#post-118263 with the correct one described here: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/26671?page=1#post-118748 for your convenience.

So, please revert the changes you've made and follow the instructions described in this post from scratch: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/26671?page=1#post-118263

If it still does not work the way you need, please provide me with the detailed explanation of the problem.
Markus Mar 20 '15
Guys do you maybe know how to paste description - this option is not available if you want to paste text from somewhere instead typing below each photo . ??
tammy harris
tammy harris Jun 10 '15
has anyone come up with a way to make photo descriptions mandatory yet 
that works ??
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