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suPHP suApache suhosin[Answered] | Forum

Alix Oct 17 '14
Hello everyone,
I have only this problem with my host:
  • suPHP off
  • suApache off
  • suhosin off

Can't be set on my host configuration.

Can i install oxwall. Wich problem i'm going to get without this 3 configurations?

My oxwall going to have a bad work or difficult to run correctly?

Thank, all

The Forum post is edited by ross Oct 21 '14
ross Team
ross Oct 19 '14
Yes, with these modules enabled we cannot guarantee proper work of the software functional. Moreover in some cases you won't be able even to install the software. 
Alix Oct 21 '14
Woaw, the answer is radical and good. We must find in Europe some host can set server like this way. It's difficult. We think the must take a vps plan.
Thank roos for your answer,
i realy appraciate. Nice days & kind regards
Alix Oct 28 '14
Hello just a few question,
how can i set or see configuration for suPHP, suApache and suHosin please.
I've look on my phpinfo i see nothing. Can i find this setting on php.ini ?
I've also try on localhost. I find nothing.
Thank for your help
king regards
ross Team
ross Oct 28 '14
Yes, you can disable/enable these modules in php.ini. It is better if you contact your hosting provider support team and request to do that for you, of course if you have these modules enabled. 
Alix Oct 29 '14
Thank for your answer ross
you are going to think i'm a noob. But i find nothing in my php.ini about suApache, suHosin, suPHP. I've look all my php.ini configuration and info.php. I find nothing. Realy sorry.
Can you help me to understand that?
King regards
ross Team
ross Oct 29 '14
Sorry, you need to look that info on your own: https://www.google.ru/?gws_rd=ssl#newwindow=1&q=how+to+disable+suphp+cpanel

we do not provide instructions on server configuration. 

Alix Oct 31 '14
thank ross,
i'm going to try understand how to configurate my host with your instructions.
Have a nice Haloween day