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Events Plugin and the Newsfeed | Forum

Jamie Nov 23 '11
Hi all. Just a quick observation. If someone doesn't add an image when creating an event, it leaves it broken image link when displaying the events in the Newsfeed. If you run a site that hosts a lot of event data, this makes the Main page look pretty bad.

Is there any way to add a default image for events if the user doesn't choose one? Or have it not try to list a photo in the Newsfeed if one doesn't exist?

Thanks for your time.
  Event.jpg (37.95Kb)
Keelan Leader
Keelan Nov 23 '11
Nice find, i can duplicate. This should either default to a defined default image or not show one at all.

v: 1.2.6

But this goes:

I am sure a team member will be along soon to move it :)
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Den Team
Den Nov 25 '11
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