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The "BIRTHDAYS" module is not operating. - Birthdays | Forum

Thierry95 Oct 29 '14

I use Skadate X.
The "BIRTHDAYS" module is not operating.
There is there a way to make it work with Skadate X?



Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Nov 3 '14
Thierry, it does not matter which platform you have Oxwall or Skadate X. Please elaborate what exactly isn't working? Screenshot would be great.
Stan Dec 4 '14
I´m using also Skadate X and installed the Birthday plugin. I activated it to be shown on Users Dashboard, but it doesn´t show up. I edited the Settings and in "Visible to User Roles" all except guests are allowed see the birthdays. Anyway, there are no Birthdays widget shown on User Dashboard.
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Dec 9 '14
The widget is not supposed to be displayed on User Dashboard, only on user profile.
Thomas Trautmann
Thomas Trautmann Dec 12 '14
Well int doesn't display on any profile, only on the index page for me.
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Dec 14 '14
Have you added this widget to be displayed on User profile. Please provide a screenshot of this page: www.site.com/admin/user-profile
Thomas Trautmann
Thomas Trautmann Dec 15 '14
Well considering that the widget has no "settings" option it is quite difficult to define anything.

Just tested again and again only B'Days on Index page.

  bday1.jpg (28Kb)
  bday2.jpg (25Kb)
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Dec 19 '14
Thomas this widget appears in case you have users with the upcoming birthdays
On index page you see birthdays of all users
On dashboard page you see this widget if there's any birthday of your friend
On profile if it is you upcoming birhtday.
TonyKa Mar 19 '15
Hi Oxwall,

It displays on the index page but NEVER in the dashboard... (even if the user is in my friends).

Can you please help?

Thank you so much!

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Mar 23 '15
Go here: www.yoursite.com/admin/user-dashboard and make sure the widget Upcoming birthdays is placed somewhere and not disabled.
OW-Ghost Mar 28 '16
yes there is a dashboard problem with this plugin. i can see birthdays in user profiles but not on dashboard what a BIG shame. 

you have make this plugin totally wrong look all who complains here. 

upcoming birthdays not only friends should show up on dashboard if there is a reason make a plugin like this. how fun is it have a birthday when website hide it for other people and you can only see it if you look some profiles? 

when you have a birthday then let people see it so they can get many nice messages from members not hide it only friends can see or make a option in setting

i hope you can update this to a much better plugin because it would bee so much fun if you could see all upcoming birthdays at dashboard and i think all they who talk here agree with me on that

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