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unable to create another admin with all previliges | Forum

Envira Nov 29 '11
I was recently working on user settings and roles.
i changed my another account role to admin.
but when i login with that account,i am unable to access the admin panel.
is there any possibility to grand admin access to another account?

Another id cron jobs,i activated them but still there are many users online in memberlist when they arent so.

please help me with this problem
GH Nov 29 '11
Go to Privacy Permissions/Moderators.. make the other user an ADMIN.. This is important I think

Mark Nov 29 '11
yes under the moderator page when adding a user make sure you check the admin box
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Envira Nov 29 '11
thanks that went like a charm.
i have configured the cronjobs,but i am not sure they were working.
can snyone post an image of a cronjob setup.
thanks in advance
Michael I.
Michael I. Nov 29 '11
Here is Cron setup manual: http://docs.oxwall.org/install:cron
Envira Nov 30 '11
i tried that but i was unable to get it run.
i am using cpanel
i am runnig my site on a subdomain
www.social.mimspace.com which redirects to www.mimspace.com/social
so can u please help me in setting up cron jobs.
Michael I.
Michael I. Nov 30 '11
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Envira Nov 30 '11
i installed oxwall in a subdomain.
my domain is http://mimspace.com/social
can u configure a code for me and give the code to me to run cron jobs coz all codes from support section seems not working.
the users are appearing online though not actually they are.
thank you
Michael I.
Michael I. Nov 30 '11
Envira, follow the Installation documentation. The problem is obviously with your Cron Jobs. You can find all necessary information following the link I posted above.
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Envira Nov 30 '11
i have made my cron jobs as per the tutorial,but it is not working and i am getting error mails
here i am attaching the images of the cron jobs as well the error mails i get.

my site is on a subdomain in a root folder called social
my site domain is http://mimspace.com/social

help is appreciated
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  cron email.png (26.44Kb)
Joe Nov 30 '11
Your command line should look something like this:
/usr/bin/php /home/mimspace/public_html/social/ow_cron/run.php

This is what works for me:
- the path to php, I don't need the usr/local but, check with your hosting to determine the correct path. You may or may not need 'local'
- mimspace, double check to make sure that's your correct server path. You can find in cpanel.
- social, your installed folder comes after public_html

This is just what works for me. Hope it helps!

Envira Nov 30 '11
Thanks that went like a charm and awesome :),thanks joe :)