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cron job | Forum

Talk The Trade
Talk The Trade Dec 2 '11
hi guys, im really struggling to get my cron job set up correctly, i've followed the other suggestions on the forums and it's still not working...  my chat shows people as online and they do not go offline at all. can someone please talk me through it?
my url is http://www.talkthetrade.com

thanks, Mike
Talk The Trade
Talk The Trade Dec 3 '11
ok i've looked through the forums as i mentioned, cannot seem to get it working thats why i've made a new post.

can anyone tell me what i should put in place of "your-site-root-dir"

thanks again
Den Team
Den Dec 4 '11
Topic was moved from Core.
Keelan Leader
Keelan Dec 5 '11
All depends what the route to your cron file is.

You can always ask you host.

Mine is:

Ask your host if you are unsure they will easily tell you.
Dido Dec 9 '11
Myabe it i something wrong with you mailing server in your host provider.
I have that problem.
Crons where set properly but my users stay online all the time.
Are you try to send some mass mailing?
My problem starts then.