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A scam in the store | Forum

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Damien Nov 12 '14

Hello everyone.

I have several plug on sale in the store.

There are some days, a member bought a plugin, and after downloading it, it opened a paypal dispute claim that the plugin does not work.

I asked him what it was error, but do not want to give me the error.

I asked him a screenshot of the error, but same thing, it gives me nothing.

I have many users using this plugin, and no one has ever encountered an error.

Paypal withdrew money from my account!

And the buyer plugin now. I find it not hônette.

Abbey Nov 13 '14
Yes this is dishonest, I think you can remove their license so they can't access any updates for the plugin.
When I got a refund from a plugin it was removed from my purchases, hopefully someone from oxwall can help with this.
Damien Nov 13 '14

Thank you for your reply.

I sent information to PayPal to request to properly analyze the folder.

I hope that they understand the problem and change their decision.

Soundchum web solution
i faced the same problem with someone here, after i did the work for him he claimed refund to paypal, but i sent my claim too and they refund me again

Damien do the same thing and you will get your money again, and remove his/her license even you refund again to teach him a lesson as i did 

type his profile here so developers take care from him

i will start to type the person who did this with me

the person is Veena F

Damien Nov 13 '14

Thank you, I'll try to do as you.

Here the person: Holy Moses

Damien Nov 13 '14

The plugins are tested by oxwall and purchases have to be déffinitif.

I do not know if Oxwall can negotiate it with paypal.

But it will be a good thing if it will be possible.

I am a very open with my buyer, I did many things for buyers of my plugins, sometimes too much.

But this exaggerated buyer.

I am kind, but with limits.

Den Team
Den Nov 14 '14
Hello guys,

I don't see any ways how Oxwall could assist in cases like these. It's all about communication between seller and buyer. And communication, I suppose, is the key to find the solution. You can always try to prove on PayPal that a buyer claims a refund with no reason, by providing all necessary communication history, license key, etc. 

Just remember, there are real people who work on PayPal, and you always have a chance to prove the injustice of claim, if any.

Damien Nov 17 '14

I made the necessities for paypal.

but it has a very bad note on the plugin.

oxwall team he can do something to prevent this note not justified.

The plugin has been tested by oxwall and works very well.

Den Team
Den Nov 18 '14
Quote from Damien The plugin has been tested by oxwall and works very well.
This argument can not be the reasonable to decline the claim for paypal guys :)

Again, Damien, it is all about trading and communication between you and buyer. Oxwall team is not responsible to solve such personal communication issues between you and your clients.

We are building open source software, not a customer service. 

Damien Nov 18 '14

I'm not asking you to solve the problem.

I speak only of the note and the negative comment posted to the buyer on the plugin.

This is a rating and comment unjustified.

You can not do anything in your store?

Paypal responded to my request and returned the money to me.

The buyer is stupid, because if he realy the problem with the plugin, I could help.

But after all that, I have not envis to provide my help.

he should contact my before opening the dispute on paypal.