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Messages Notifications Won't Reset | Forum

Brother Andrew
Brother Andrew Dec 9 '14
My 12-09-14 Messages UPGRADE Did NOT Fix The Messages Notification Issue.  :--)
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Kev Dec 9 '14
Yep, applying the update did not fix the issue for me either.
ross Team
ross Dec 9 '14
Guys, have you scrolled down through the conversation you had? There should be unread message(s)
Joe Roberts
Joe Roberts Dec 9 '14
I have deleted all the conversations from my history and it still indicates two pending on the Messages button.
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Joe Roberts
Joe Roberts Dec 10 '14

A possible clue to follow...

My message indicator has been showing two unread messages since the update.  Upon doing a bit of investigation in the SQL database ow_mailbox_conversation, I found two entries which were both encoded as not having been read by interlocutor or by all or having been deleted.  I know for a fact I read and deleted both of these conversations.  The interesting fact here is that both conversations were with a member of the site who have deleted their profile.  Perhaps this might help explain what is going on.

When I manually edited the SQL database on these two instances to show the correct condition, my message indicator reset to 0. 

ross Team
ross Dec 10 '14
Guys, I have reported back to the developers. I'll get back with the reply from them or a fix asap.
Brother Andrew
Brother Andrew Dec 10 '14
Why DOESN'T The Messages ISSUE Occur On oxwall.org?  :--)
Hybrid Dec 10 '14
Ok, so I don't think any update by the devs will solve this problem for us.

After digging deep into the database, I believe I found the issue of why this is occurring.

This is what I did and everything for me is back to normal.

1.) Go to your database -> phpMyAdmin

2.) locate and select your database for your oxwall site (if you have more than 1 database, make sure you select the one that corresponds to your oxwall site)

3.) Scroll down until you see this table -> _mailbox_conversation (you will probably have a prefix in front of mailbox [e.g., hp_mailbox_conversation])

4.) Here you see all the conversation ids between users -> There are 2 things you need to look for.

They include:

1.) Subject

2.) Read

Under the "Subject" -> locate any item that says mailbox_chat_conversation

follow the path to the right from the Subject until you are under the "Read" column

If it states "1" under the Read -> Delete the entry

"2" and "3" you can leave as 2 stands for the person who received the message has read it - and 3 stands for both parties have read it.  But 1 stands for only the sender of the message has read it - therefore, any item listed in that table with 1 and corresponds to the mailbox_chat_conversation under the subject area needs to be deleted.

This will take some of you time if you have a large user base.  But this works and is a temporary fix until the devs figure out why this occurred in the first place and release an update.

Thought I'd share how I got this to work on my end - so far no drawbacks and everything is working smoothly and FINALLY no more unread messages appearing...


So, to help out the devs of this plugin, the conflict lies with the mailbox_chat_conversation, (e.g., the IM part).  Might be something you want to report to the devs about Ross as I'm unsure if the devs even look at the forums here...

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Vladimir Bach
Vladimir Bach Dec 10 '14
I have an issue where the messages send with numbers as the title and content. Members write a large post and send it, and it reverts to a number.

DeFender Dec 10 '14
new update and new fault  :(
Kev Dec 10 '14
Updated again...still not fixed. This is turning into a major issue for me now. I have a few hundred VERY annoyed users.
Robert Rodrigues
Robert Rodrigues Dec 10 '14
Hybrid82's quick solution fixed the issue for me.
Björn Dec 11 '14

Quote from Robert Rodrigues Hybrid82's quick solution fixed the issue for me.

Same, thanks for the help! I just hope it doesn't return.
ross Team
ross Dec 12 '14
Guys, our developers are working on the issue. It will be fixed asap.
Vladimir can you please PM me your admin details and Cpanel access details. I'll take a look at the issue.
Syazwan Dec 12 '14
Thanks ross . we'll wait for any update , thanks for helping . 
DeFender Dec 12 '14
not good solution :(

Kev Dec 12 '14
@AJ Thanks mate, that worked for me. Not the best solution, as no one has their historic messages, but it's better than having 300 or so users moaning at me and email me. Thanks mate.
DeFender Dec 12 '14
dont forget to make language backup
Mashoor Classified
Mashoor Classified Dec 12 '14
Awaiting for the update.. 
Mashoor Classified
Mashoor Classified Dec 17 '14
This is still not solved? I have more then 500+ members in my site how will i do? 
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