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Blank page, no adress find [Solved] | Forum

Alix Dec 4 '14


I have buy a ssl certificate and install well. It's  configurate.

The both protocole work with my adress. I start installation with https.

I put first details, database details, i saw cron setup information.

After click continue, nothing, he doesn't find adresss.

I miss something?

I have think about :443 before my adress, maybe it's that?

I don't know help please...

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ross Team
ross Dec 4 '14
Alix, you need to contact the hosting provider and SSL company where you obtained the certificate. There's something wrong with the 443 port. 

Why don't you do the installation and then enable SSL? 

All you will need to do then is to change home URI in the ow_includes/config.php file

Alix Dec 4 '14

ok you conseil to me i make installation without ssl first.

And after i change ow_inclludes/config.php!

it's better than i start with https installation.

I have call my hoster and certificate licencer. Everythings has well.

ross Team
ross Dec 4 '14
I'm sorry I don't understand. 

have you contacted your hosting provider and SSL company? what did they tell you about 443 port?

Alix Dec 4 '14

They say the ssl certificat was good installed. They have no problem on they side.

And i have try it's work well

ross Team
ross Dec 4 '14
What about your hosting provider? 

Alix, there's nothing in our software that has to do with the 443 port and for some reason the software is trying to be installed via this port. 

Alix Dec 4 '14

ok i will try again and i call him again if is necessary.

I have just think now.

I have try to put :443 on setting like for localhost:3307

https://exemple.com:443 (setting)

ross Team
ross Dec 4 '14
You can look here: https://www.google.ru/?gws_rd=ssl#newwindow=1&q=ssl+443+port

there are a lot of issues with the SSL and 443 port, it has nothing to do with the software. 

It is either related to the hosting provider or SSL configuration. 

Alix Dec 4 '14

Ross you are the best thank you!

It's resolved.

On installation setting, we have try with https://exemple.com:443.

That work perfect,but we have all time :443 on adress bar. For this moment, we have so happy to see the first problem it's resolved.

Thankl you so much

Alix Dec 4 '14

That question now is cron, will be setup with https?

curl https://exemple.com/ow_cron/run.php


curl https://exemple.com/ow_cron/run.php:443

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ross Team
ross Dec 5 '14

As to the issue with 443 port, what was the solution?Is it related to the hosting or SSL certificate. 

As to the cron

try this one first https://exemple.com/ow_cron/run.php
Alix Dec 6 '14

The problem was on installation, setting configuration. I put https://exemple.com:443

But first i have call my hoster for port 443 problem.

After my website work well. But i find somelittle problem when a go to Language. The result for any search or change it's : no page found! 

For moment i don't need change a big thing. But later i must to find a solution.

I'm going to check all this week.

I have try https cron! I didn't receive a conflict problem by mail.

How can i check if everythings it's good this way.

My second problem it's redirection 301 for https it's doesn't work.

Maybe I have not good sintax?

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !^443$
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]

Bref... Nice week. And think you for your help.

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ross Team
ross Dec 7 '14
Try to send mass mailing

Go to your database

find ow_base_mail table

see if the messages get there and go out

As to the redirection, please create a separate post, we have one post one issue per topic rule. 

Alix Dec 8 '14

My chef tell me this morning, we continue to test like that and in the next we are goint to install without https. After we change in config for https. It's better solution for installation.

I'm going to test massmailing this week and i give you the feedback.

For redirection also.

Thank ross

Alix Dec 15 '14
Hello all Sensei :) ,
Just for information:
We have no problem with installation. We have change on config: https://www.mysite:443 to a simple https://www.mysite.com.
When we change something from language everythings work as well.
@ross trying mass malling it's coming as soon.
Something very strange. We have not change htacces for a redirection and it's work well.
The redirection it's come automaticly https protocole. It's better way we change htaccess?
Whatever.. it's work

Just one worry. The admin dashboard:

You have asked Firefox to connect securely to static.oxwall.org, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.

I don't know what we must to do with that!

The Forum post is edited by Alix Dec 15 '14
Durlabh Ashok
Durlabh Ashok Dec 15 '14
Alix the admin dashboard error is just temporary and its not harmful in any way to your site.Its the oxwall.org site responsible, as they dont have ssl on their site.
ross Team
ross Dec 15 '14
Durlabh is right, it is the issue on our side, the spotlight will be fixed asap. 
Alix Dec 16 '14
Thank you for your answer:
@Durlah Ashok

I appreciate :)

ross Team
ross Dec 16 '14
Alix, I see everything is ok now. I'm going to mark this thread as Solved then. 
Alix Dec 18 '14
Yes, @ross. I thank everything it's ok.
I see nothing bad to my installation.
Real thank for your help all.
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