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Art Fyvolent
Art Fyvolent Dec 22 '11
I have read through most of the forum posts and it seems there are some consistent issues with lack of documentation on this software install - especially with which files need to be writable, some simple steps to double check installed files, etc.... That being said - I "think" I have successfully installed the software and logged into admin. However I am having issues with the following:

1. I am trying to modify the header image on the site to put my own logo on it - but it does not recognize the jpg I select and won't upload it.
2. Avatars don't load even though the dir is set for 777 writable
3. to create a cron job in interworx you can set the time but there is no place to identify the run.php location - only a box for a script - do I copy the run script and drop it in there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated  - thanks
Den Team
Den Dec 28 '11
Hello Art. 

Typically, when install oxwall at first time, all necessary folders already has writable permissions. By in some cases, this permissions are reset. In a few days, there will be published exact list of folders which should be writable after installation. 
For now, try to set 777 recursive permissions for these folders:
- ow_pluginsfiles/
- ow_userfiles/
- ow_static/

Didn't get your point about cronjob. Would you provide a screenshot?