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OW Debug - Exception | Forum

Joyraj Dec 26 '11
OW Debug - Exception
Message: Could not instantiate mail function.
File: /home/faculty1/public_html/ow_libraries/php_mailer/class.phpmailer.php
Line: 595
#0 /home/faculty1/public_html/ow_libraries/php_mailer/class.phpmailer.php(519): PHPMailer->MailSend('Date: Mon, 26 D...', '--b1_77cf4d0daa...')
#1 /home/faculty1/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/mail_service.php(260): PHPMailer->Send()
#2 /home/faculty1/public_html/ow_core/mailer.php(97): BOL_MailService->send(Object(BASE_CLASS_Mail))
#3 /home/faculty1/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/email_verify_service.php(217): OW_Mailer->send(Object(BASE_CLASS_Mail))
#4 /home/faculty1/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/email_verify_service.php(244): BOL_EmailVerifyService->sendVerificationMail('user', Array)
#5 /home/faculty1/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/controllers/email_verify.php(105): BOL_EmailVerifyService->sendUserVerificationMail(Object(BOL_User))
#6 [internal function]: BASE_CTRL_EmailVerify->index(Array)
#7 /home/faculty1/public_html/ow_core/dispatcher.php(257): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(BASE_CTRL_EmailVerify), Array)
#8 /home/faculty1/public_html/ow_core/application.php(293): OW_Dispatcher->dispatch()
#9 /home/faculty1/public_html/index.php(65): OW_Application->dispatch()
#10 {main}
Type: phpmailerException



I am the admin of the site faculty.x10.mx and this message is appearing when I log in. I tried to change my email id, from then its appearing.
The Forum post is edited by Joyraj Dec 26 '11
Joyraj Dec 26 '11
Please help me. I need urgent help.
Michael I.
Michael I. Dec 26 '11
Topic was moved from General Questions.
Michael I.
Michael I. Dec 26 '11
Do you have a mail server installed on your hosting server? Consider about contacting your hosting company regarding this issue.
Den Team
Den Dec 28 '11
Topic was moved from Bug reports and troubleshooting.