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Syazwan Dec 21 '14
Hello can someone help me on this ? Don't know what it means really .. and my site has been ban by arvixe . 

bobbi Dec 21 '14
what were the highest usage in the 3 days, you didnt paste that part of the email, these 3 things should help identfy what caused the high cpu,
Kяuncн Leader
Kяuncн Dec 21 '14
It's not recommended to run the Oxwall script at Arvixe's Shared or Business plans.
bobbi Dec 21 '14
i have arvixes business class and so far never exceeded cpu etc, i only have 5 third party plug ins and very low bandwith at this time

is oxwall only going to run on vps or dedicated is that its future :( or is that arvixes take on it

ross Team
ross Dec 21 '14
ross Team
ross Dec 21 '14
Quote from bobbi what were the highest usage in the 3 days, you didnt paste that part of the email, these 3 things should help identfy what caused the high cpu,

Bobbi is right. Syazwan, please paste the rest of the e-mail. 
Syazwan Dec 22 '14
So sorry , Here it is . Sorry for late reply . 

Steve Winter
Steve Winter Dec 22 '14
So what is blackdbs, a plugin perhaps?  Arvixe is the best Oxwall host that I have found after trying quite a few.


Edson Francis
Edson Francis Dec 22 '14
it's cron...before this i set my cron run in every minute and cause my site very lagg...then i set cron job to run in every 10 minutes it's seems ok...i'm only use basic VPS server...u need to use VPS to run oxwall dude...if you are seriously want to grow your oxwall website...
Kelvin Dec 22 '14
I have same issues on cron job notice from Arvixe too. After setup 10~15 minutes per run, it turn to ok. CPU usage is not running very hard now.
Arvixe QA
Arvixe QA Dec 22 '14
Hello Syazwan & Kelvin,

If you guys have any issues that you can't get resolved, please shoot me an email with your account details and I'll take a look -- quality@arvixe.com.

Thank you!
Syazwan Dec 22 '14
blackdbs is my file name ..
ross Team
ross Dec 23 '14
Syzwan, how many members do you have on your website? how many concurrent online members do you have on your website? do you have any 3rd party plugins? if so, please provide the list of those 3rd party plugins?

Read this please: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/19610?page=1#post-94371

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