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Bug Reports - Allows simply to add multiple videos from Youtube on index page, dashboard or group page. Allows to set start time and end time of video. | Forum

jk Dec 22 '14
Let me know about bugs or troubles
Heidi Jan 6 '15
Hey there,
I cannot get this to work, can you help me? I have added the widget in my backend, I can see it there. But as a user in front end I cannot see it at all.
Firebug tells me:

TypeError: this.k is null
return ...

www-widgetapi.js (row 21, tab 256)

See below my admin backend

and my frontend:

Furthermore the plug in seems to have disabled all java script on my page - editing, navigation and other functions are not working anymore
Heidi Jan 6 '15
Maybe I got this wrong, I thought this was a widget that allows users to add videos by just pasting the video URL, but it seems it can only be used by admin? Is this correct?
jk Jan 7 '15
Hi Heidi

I released plugin update with hotfix. Just update plugin and you won't see any javascript errors.

This plugin allows to add video:

1) to index page ( only admin or moderator )

2) to dashboard page ( only admin or moderator )

3) to group page  ( admin, moderator or group owner (if admin allows to customize group page by group owner) )

You can allow group owners customize their group page on this page: your_stite_url.com/admin/plugins/groups

4) to profile view page  ( admin, moderator or profile owner (if admin allows to customize profile page by profile owner))

You can allow users customize their profile view page on this page: your_stite_url.com/admin/user-profile

Best wishes,
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JoshWho Jan 14 '15
so how does the profile owner add there own videos without it changing everyone else s?
jk Jan 15 '15

Hi JoshWho

Users can add video widget on their profile view page only if admin allows users to customize profile view page.

to add video user should do: 

1) go to profile view page and push to "customize this page" button 

2) drag video widget to position

3) add video to video widget

you can try on my demo site http://oxplugins.net 

login details demo/demo

Best wishes,

Heidi Jan 16 '15
Hi JK,
thxs for the hotfix. No errors now. But like JoshWho I now have one video on all profiles, if I add the widget in my own profile. I can see the video in admin area as well, making it clear that the widget is kinda universal. I hoped for a widget that will allow users to add a video to their own profile, something like an introduction video, that will only be visible in their own profile.
Also, although I set the video to not autostart it still does autostart in other people's profile. Autostart is just deactivated in my own profile, and only if I am logged in.

jk Jan 18 '15
Hi Heidi

Thank you for report.

If you add video widget to profile page from admin area (your_stite_url.com/admin/user-profile). Video widget will be added to all profiles.If you add video widget to profile page from profile page. Video widget will be added only on your profile page.
I will try to solve the problems that you have encountered in next hotfix.

Best wishes,


Heidi Jan 18 '15
Thxs a lot!
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