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User LiveStreams Twitch.tv Justin... Plugin | Forum

Mirko Dec 31 '14

Hello, I need a streaming plugin with the standards of the video plugin.

Users can add their streams to rate and leave comment.

allowed platforms Twitch.tv, ustream.tv

Can someone help me?

The Forum post is edited by Mirko Dec 31 '14
Sen Projects
Sen Projects Jan 1 '15
This request captures our attention. May we ask what your budget is for this development?

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Mirko Jan 2 '15
Hallo and Happy New Year. 

Thank you for your interest but I need a little help.

My question is this code correct?

class StreamProviderTwitch { const clipUidPattern = '@^.*twitch.tv/.*/b/([\d]+).*$@i'; const thumbJsonPattern = 'https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/()'; private static function getUid( $code ) { $pattern = self::clipUidPattern; return preg_match("~{$pattern}~", $code, $match) ? $match[1] : null; } public static function getThumbUrl( $code ) { if ( ($uid = self::getUid($code)) !== null ) { $jsonUrl = str_replace('()', $uid, self::thumbJsonPattern); $fileCont = @file_get_contents($jsonUrl); if ( strlen($fileCont) ) { $fileCont = trim($fileCont); $fileCont = substr($fileCont, 6, strlen($fileCont) - 9); $metaObj = @json_decode($fileCont); if ( $metaObj ) { $url = @$metaObj->preview; } } return !empty($url) ? $url : StreamProviders::PROVIDER_UNDEFINED; } return StreamProviders::PROVIDER_UNDEFINED; } }

Mirko Jan 3 '15
Hi I need help pls

where is the error

  stream_providers.txt (1Kb)
Steven Keenan
Steven Keenan Mar 16 '15
Did you get a streaming plugin for your users???
James Nov 16 '22
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