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OW Debug - Error on installation | Forum

Chris Nov 8 '10

i receive the following error:

Message: Argument 1 passed to BOL_UserService::saveOrUpdate() must be an instance of BOL_User, null given, called in /var/syscp/webs/home/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/question_service.php on line 967 and defined

File: /var/syscp/webs/home/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/user_service.php

Line: 386

This error comes up on the last step of installation ... installation does not finish.

I use build 2824 rc2

Any ideas?

The Forum post is edited by Chris Nov 8 '10
Den Team
Den Nov 9 '10
Hi Chris!
Would you remove and reinstall software again please?
Chris Nov 10 '10
HI Addenster,

i followed your recommendation and reinstalled software ... twice...

but the Error is still there at the last step of installation. (After you can choose plugins)

Bjorn Nov 10 '10
I had some error when i installed on a ubuntu server with mod-php
When i changed to suPHP, i had no problem.
If it error on my server or not with the mod-php, i can't tell.
But it worked good on the suPHP on server.
Den Team
Den Nov 10 '10
Would you PM me your domain and FTP details please?
Chris Nov 11 '10

Quote from Addenster


Would you PM me your domain and FTP details please?

Sent yesterday via PM. SQL Details are in config ...

thank you
Chris Nov 14 '10
Have you found time to take a look over it?
Den Team
Den Nov 15 '10
I got your PM and answered, please check it :)
Chris Nov 22 '10
Hello Addenster,

do you have any news about my problem?
Den Team
Den Nov 23 '10
We double checked installation process. Such error can appear only if session wasn't created on your server. Would you check that you have worked sessions? Check folder where new sessions must appear (usually /tmp folder). Also check session lifetime.