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How can I repair default English language? | Forum

Kostas Jan 17 '15
How can I repair default English language? We accidently mess up the default language, I am exporting the default language from a clean install and importing to the messed up but it does not update it. I think it is protected or something. 

Can I delete the default the english language and then upload? Can I copy paste with ftp from the clean to the messed up?

Thank you in advance,


Kostas Jan 20 '15
Marc Vanwetswinkel
Marc Vanwetswinkel Jan 25 '15
I have the same question. Hope someone can help. Some keys are nowhere to be found in the language editor like 'mailbox+messages_console_title', 'mailbox+send_message' and many more.
  taalinstellingen03.jpg (10Kb)
  taalinstellingen02.jpg (22Kb)
  taalinstellingen01.jpg (11Kb)
Marc Vanwetswinkel
Marc Vanwetswinkel Jan 25 '15
Is it ok just to put the missing keys somewhere in the mailbox.xml file?
Like for example <key name="send_message"><value>Send new message</value></key> ?
Cheers, Marc
cheryl Aug 30 '22
That using Grammarlyapp will let you write in English and improve your grammar. If a phrase is wrong, it will offer you a tip so you can go back and correct it.
The Forum post is edited by cheryl Aug 30 '22
Mollie Mettler
Mollie Mettler Sep 23 '22
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bik Nov 28 '22
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