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Mobile site: how to change behavior(s) | Forum

Leonardo Jan 20 '15
Hallo, newbie here, so please forgive my question

I just set up oxwall and giving it a beta test with some friends before official launch.

We're now focusing on mobile site (using smartphone's browser), and I have a couple of questions.

Main use of my Oxwall installation is to share thoughts and/or photos with other users, that's why I think that mobile version would be a key element in this workflow.


How do I get the "Main" and/or "Newsfeed" page show *all* wall posts just like desktop version does? I mean: As I open mobile site (not logged in) and select Newsfeed page from "left" menu, I'm simply asked to login. And if I log in I will see only *my* posts. 

This is the first and main question: other may come after...

Thanks for any help!

PS: I'm using standard theme, if this matters...

ross Team
ross Jan 20 '15
Mobile version has only dashboard newsfeed, where you can see activity of friends of yours and your own. To see the dashboard newsfeed in the mobile version you need to be logged in, which is why you always get a sign-in page. 
To place the main page newsfeed in the mobile version is considered as a custom code modification.
You will need to do that on your own or hire a programmer, you can do that here: http://www.oxwall.org/market/specialists
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Leonardo Jan 20 '15
Thanks, ross!

I will follow your advice and look for a programmer. Any idea of how hard this work will be? Please note that I'm *not* asking you how much it will cost me, but if the work is something like writing a 20 line php file or to rebuild everything from scratch. Thanks again

ross Team
ross Jan 20 '15
Leonardo, unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly how hard it is, as I'm not a programmer. 
Leonardo Jan 23 '15
Thanks anyway, ross!

Hope someone else can help

ross Team
ross Jan 23 '15
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