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User credentials in iframe | Forum

Wolfgang Feb 7 '15

I am new to Oxwall, but I tried to read through most of the related posts here and could not find the answer. So...

What I would like is very simple: I would like to call a page with something like:

<iframe src="mypage.php">

and then in mypage.php I would like to have the user name and maybe some other information available.

In a simple PHP environment I would do this with

<iframe src="mypage.php?user_name=<? echo $user_name;?>">

but this does not seem to work in oxwall. Also I could not manage to pass the session to the mypage.php, so I could not read out the credentials from the session variables.

The basic idea behind is that I would like to use a one page PHP scripts which is very simple (and already done) but I need the User name etc. In Drupal for example I just say as page type "PHP-page" and can use an Array with all necessary information. Why is it so hard to run a custom PHP page from Oxwall?

Your help is very much appreciated! Thanks!

ross Team
ross Feb 8 '15
Topic was moved from General Questions.
Wolfgang Feb 15 '15
It seems that this is kind of a forbidden question... am I the only one who is interested in this?