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Update is not working for me | Forum

Brijesh meena
Brijesh meena Feb 8 '12
Update done at local server including updated plugins and a theme. All is working fine. :)
Michael Feb 8 '12
Same here - update looks good.
Did get an 500 erro in the beginning.

For anyone else - download your config and change the last entries for debug and dev mode to true (the first ones are for the CRON - change the right ones).

Go back to the site and you should get an erorr you can deal with.
Mine was an inactive theme, so I simply removed it.
I had some other error I didn't recognize but assumed it was a plugin.
Then I had to deactivate the newsfeed (DO NOT UNINSTALL!)
Upload new newsfeed plugin to my server.

Bob Feb 17 '12
Is there a way you could make an updater that would not involve re adding all the plug ins and themes?

I update blogs and forums they have themes and plug ins but I have never had the problem I have now.

I have gone back to the old version...

Joseph Feb 17 '12
the auto update should be ready now the manual update is for those who wanted it before the auto was available 
Bob Feb 17 '12
I used the auto update from Softaculous..
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 19 '12
The 1.3.1 build should solve the issue. Try updating to it.
Crystal Apr 17 '12
Try unistalling all your plugins and the reinstalling one by one and this should show you which plugin is causing your issues
Honsa May 7 '12
I had the same problem, just on cron/run.php and one installation, the other works.

I looked into the error_log but there is nothing, the log is working. After I deactivated all plugins the cron was working. 

So I activated theme again it seems that on my oxwall page the error occurs if "Who Viewed Me by Oxwall CandyStore" plugin is activated, the problem seems to be there, may you also use this plugin

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Michael I.
Michael I. May 13 '12
Honsa, submit your report on Who Viewed Me plugin's page.
Morena Milani
Morena Milani Jul 26 '14

Citazione da Den Ragazzi, è necessario aggiornare tutti i plugin dopo l'aggiornamento della piattaforma. 
Ho aggiornato il plugin con la nuova piattaforma e tutti, ma invitare i tuoi amici di facebook o per e-mail non funziona dice error cosa devo fare?

The Forum post is edited by Morena Milani Jul 26 '14
ross Team
ross Jul 27 '14
Morena, English only please
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