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Really funny plugin that looks like useless.. - User Add | Forum

Kelvin Mar 4 '15
Really funny plugin that looks like useless.. Why just use register to add members ? Your plugin is so simple function. and no upload Avatar function ? ha ha~
Jordi Mar 4 '15
I think it isn't useless. It's very usefull to add members by a moderator. I gonna use it on party's to promote the site.
Kelvin Mar 4 '15
But that would be all fake inactive members.
Mike Mar 4 '15
Its the same as someone registers by himself.

But as admin its much easer to add an user (or more) with my plugin than create each user with the register method.
The created user have to validate his email (if its turned on in the page settings) and at his first login he have to fill out required profile questions.
Sean Mar 5 '15

Quote from Kelvin But that would be all fake inactive members.
I don't think you quite understand the intended use for this plugin.
Jasper Esmalla
Jasper Esmalla Jun 21 '15
Cant you create a cron job and have email, username, names, and photos will be grabbed from docs/notepad so it will automatically pull from the uploaded text files. Then photos can be pulled from a path or folder randomly. Even birthdays can be randomly generated with the admins given range. Are you going to do that?
Mike Jun 21 '15
I dont see the sense of this "feature".
Eleni Athanasiou
Eleni Athanasiou Jul 15 '15
Works perfectly, thx :)
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