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HHVM? | Forum

David LeBer
David LeBer Mar 5 '15
Hey all, just playing around with oxwall, nothing serious at this point, but was wondering if anyone has tried getting it running under hhvm, or if there are specific things which prevent it?


Edit it add: For anyone who cares, HHVM is Facebook's php vm that supports JIT compilation. It aims to give the speed of compiled php while maintaining the developer flexibility. It's new, but lots of folks are using it in production, just wondering if anyone had experimented with oxwall using it.

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Lars Nov 3 '15
Hi there,

maybe an old topic, but no reason to start a new one.

We are running HHVM in on a NGINX Setup (Ubuntu). At the moment we changed to a normal apache server, but we want to get back to NGINX. 

We were not able to install oxwall while HHVM was enabled, so we disabled. We then reactivated HHVM after the installation went through. 

Everything was running as expected, but we weren't able to upload files at any location on the site. We tried to find out what the problem was, but haven't found a solution yet. We had to disable HHVM for the moment.

Maybe someone knows what to do, so we can get uploads working again?

Thank you!

David LeBer
David LeBer Nov 3 '15
I've moved on from Oxwall (the project's requirements changed) but got to about the same point in my experiment as you did. There was a long running bug in HHVM that effected file uploads: https://github.com/...ook/hhvm/issues/4993 - you might want to check your HHVM version to see if that is your problem.
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ross Team
ross Nov 4 '15
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TY Jun 2 '16

We are testing HHVM (3.13.1, Ubuntu 14.04, Oxwal 1.8.0) -> first conflict:

\ow_system_plugins\base\bol\user_service.php -> line 353 -> 3rd argument is expected to be string -> change line to look like this:

$loginCookie->setCookie(hash_hmac('md5', time(), (string)$userId));

Let us know if there are other functions conflicting the Oxwall code.

Thank you.

Kind regards,