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Ulises Aguilera
Ulises Aguilera Mar 24 '15

I would like to know if there is a way to SHOW something like a SUBDOMAIN, using a CUSTOM html, and through some special tag plus some defined text, like a obvious and predefined domain.


{The User, some tag I dont know and I´m asking for} + .contador.tv

The result is something like = USER.CONTADOR.TV

So, this I would like to show it through some custom html in their own profile page.

I was thinking, if it is possible, to set it up from the user page configuration, so, It will shows in ALL the pages currently but in ALL the new profiles pages.

Taissa Team
Taissa Mar 31 '15
Ulises Aguilera, it is a quite complicated complex custom code modifications. You need to implement the methods that will automatically process a "user join" information, create a subdomains and add the redirects.
If you are not familiar with the plugin development or code modification, it would be better for you to find a developer who can help you. You can do it here: http://www.oxwall.org/market/specialists .
Ulises Aguilera
Ulises Aguilera Mar 31 '15
But, what about without the subdomains?, and therefor without teh redirections...
Let´s say just the {username + domain}


username1 + domain = www.username.contador.tv

The username is in a printed way, just that. We dind´t creae some subdomain in the server, less some redirecion...

Just print a subdomain, a direction.

Is it more simple, do you know how can I do that?...
Taissa Team
Taissa Apr 1 '15
Ulises Aguilera, please confirm if you want the View Profile page link was displayed in the browser address bar as the www.username.contador.tv link instead of the www.contador.tv/user/username link.
If so then it is related to Apache configuration where you need to accept any sub-domain name (*.domain.com). You also should configure .htaccess file.
We can not provide you with server configuration instructions. Please, contact your hosting provider to assist you with that.  And you may find this link usefull:
http://webmasters.stackexchange.com/...ewrite-to-subdomains .

P.S. Please clarify why you want to change the View Profile page link, may be there is  another way to solve this issue.
BC Mar 3 '16
Hi Taissa,

this is how I want to do it: username.domain.com

is it possible to set it up to be like that as soon as user registers?

I think I understand about apache configuration [I think that's the same thing as wildcard subdomain?]

how would I configure the .htaccess file to do this?
ross Team
ross Mar 3 '16
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