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4 hours and counting install (resolved) | Forum

Graham Mar 26 '15
As a helpful warning to others I am 4 hours and counting trying to get oxwall running on godaddy Installed all ok but has multiple errors So just be aware its not plug and play My level is 2. 1 being 1 degree non computer related 10 being MIT degree
The Forum post is edited by Graham Mar 27 '15
Graham Mar 27 '15
So we are getting there the earlier issues are resolved had to manually load the plugins but thats ok wont have to do it that often its that or spend 2-3 hours hunting down a solution.

Now just the one main problem that the menu item "Main" still goes to "Not Found" Hopefully some kind soul wil tell me how to fix it

I bet its to do with the htaccess file Be nice if ther was a working generic one just for godaddy users

Graham Mar 27 '15
Holy Smoke I just fixed that as well

i added 

#Fix Rewrite Options -Multiviews

at beginning of .htaccess file

ross Team
ross Mar 29 '15
Great. Thanks for letting us know. 
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