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Change Log - Private Albums | Forum

Mike Mar 28 '15

Version 30

 - fixed bug with oxwall 1.8.1

Version 29

 - dont know what i changed^^

Version 28

 - fixed loading bug when creating album

Version 27

 - fixed language string bug

Version 26

 - fixed password protection bug

Version 25

 - fixed update bug

Version 24

 - added support for friends list plugin

 - fixed some small plugins

 - improvements for the user experience

Version 23

 - fixed update bug

Version 22

 - fixed ui bug

Version 21

 - fixed german notification bug

Version 20

 - fixed user interface bugs

Version 19

 - fixed bug with fullscreen in Chrome

Version 16

 - Fixed selected User add bug

Version 15:

 - Language strings fixed

Version 14:

 - added option to se cover manually

 - works now with the premoderation plugin

 - added support for privacy plugin (from oxwall, more in a other version)

Version 13:
 - Bug fixes...

Version 12:
 - Added role which user can view a private album
 - fixed update bug
 - some small ui improvements

Version 11:
 - Some small bugfixes

Version 10:
 - Added ability to rate albums (admins have to activate it in the admin dashboard)
 - Fixed photo viewer image bug

Version 9:
 - Added autocomplete if you share an album with selected users
 - added option to deny duplicate images
 - Some other bugfixes

Version 8:
 - Fixed some bugs with moderation and notification

Version 7:
 - notification when someone shares an album with you
 - notification settings added

Version 6:
 - better Photo Viewer with fullscreen
 - fixed bug with user roles
 - added new user roles
 - other small changes on the ui
 - added notification when a moderator deletes a flaged album/photo

Version 5:
 - Better UI (not for the photo viewer)
 - Select which album types your site will support
 - Added share with friends

Version 4:
 - Fix for the france language (you can ignore the update if you dont use the france language)

Version 3:
 - Fixed "Unexpected"-Bug
 - Added password protected albums
 - Added public albums
 - Added "Add New"-Item on the sidebar

Version 2:
 - Image resizing
 - Photo viewer

Version 1:
 - Basic plugin

The Forum post is edited by Mike Jan 17 '16
Yanni P-Berlin
Yanni P-Berlin Mar 4 '16

The plugin is bad and work bad. He don't want to fix!

Don't buy plugins from him!

Yanni P-Berlin
Yanni P-Berlin Mar 5 '16
not only my problem, if is plugin was creatred good, i didnt have this problem!

I'm sick to pay for corrupted software created by incompetents!

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