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Instructions - Robokassa | Forum

Alexandr Makarov
Alexandr Makarov Apr 4 '15
Robokassa billing integration plugin - for Oxwall software. Plugin configuration First of all you need to get your Robokassa Merchant Account. Follow here http://partner.robokassa.ru/ and sign up.

Then go to your Robokassa Merchant Account and create new shop. You need to specify Shop identifier, Password #1 and Password #2. Remember this parameters. They will be needed when setting up the plugin.

Also you need to specify callback URLs:

Result URL: http://your-domain.com/robokassa/result

Success URL: http://your-domain.com/robokassa/success Fail URL: http://your-domain.com/robokassa/fail

Method of sending data to Result Url: GET or POST. POST is recommended. Your Robokassa Merchant Account is configured.

Now go to plugin settings page and specify these parameters:

* Shop Identifier * Password #1 * Password #2

If you want to test your billing without really charging money you can use "Test mode" option.

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Evgen Apr 17 '15
Can I connect to the shop pro instead paypal ?
Volga Apr 26 '16
Изменение политики Robokassa с 22.04.2016! Прием платежей теперь только от юрлиц, подробнее на форуме http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/37869?page=1#post-182284
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