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add question with two boxes | Forum

Ajar Ameen
Ajar Ameen Apr 14 '15
i need to know how to add a question (mobile number) with two boxes. one with select box drop down(country code) and another with text box (mobile number). both should be coming for same question, in this case mobile number ??
also how can i bring a (*) privacy setting there with view (view all, only me,and friends only)

please go through the attachment. which shows what i realy need
  chnmob.jpg (86Kb)
dave Leader
dave Apr 14 '15
hi, the answer depends on your coding ability.  Some can be done with the core feature but your other needs would  have to be special coding which would modify the core and you would lose that change when you updated and have to put it back each time.   From what i can see that you need you will have to decide if its worth it for you to take the plunge or not to change the core. 

I think if you work with the current question feature and the options you can achieve much of what you want, you may have to sacrifice some but you will be better off with not having to change the core code. 

Also I have seen a request such as this for some time now so oxwall might be working on a solution.  Have you tried different ways to do this with the core feature?

I say this because i used to be totally for changing the code, and i have done alot of code mods with my version.  But over time it becomes a true burden every time to put the changes back.  Its nice to begin with but after a while the changes become more and more and you end up with a project rather than a simple change. 

So think about that before you dive into changing the core, and is it worth it for eye candy.

Ajar Ameen
Ajar Ameen Apr 14 '15
hi dave, thanks for the reply.
but i have few more doubt.
what if i add only country code with 6 options in a select box like shown in image. and leave the privacy part.
it wont be much burden right?
if not, can you tell me the simplest way to do
dave Leader
dave Apr 14 '15
sure, go to your admin->users->profile questions  and on the bottom click add question then select multiple choice and enter your choices. 
Ajar Ameen
Ajar Ameen Apr 15 '15
no, thats not what i want.
what i need is, both select box(country code) and text box (mobile number) should comes in same row inside one box
hasan Feb 6 '16
ajar, how your progress?