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Trying to change mailbox.css with no effect. | Forum

Andrea C.
Andrea C. Apr 16 '15
Since I have enlarged avatar images, I also need to adjust the text in messages page where the text is in disorder and overlaps other elements.
I have turned the dev mode on and via ftp i'm 'trying' to modify mailbox.css. stored in ow_static/plugins/mailbox/css.
I ask for help becouse when I modify the code on the css file, the change is not visible in the page. Absolutely not any kind of modification on the css is shown. What am I missing? Someone can help? Thanks.
Andrea C.
Andrea C. Apr 16 '15
Ok, there is un update:
I have found that modifying another copy of the same css file stored in ow_plugins/mailbox/static/css the edit will take place and will be shown. But, just a question... which is the difference between the two different folders? I mean between ow_static and ow_plugin?
And also, what will happen when I update the plugin to anext version? Will my css be overwritten? Thanks.
I hope  my post could be helpful to others too.
The Forum post is edited by Andrea C. Apr 16 '15
Nickolay Apr 17 '15
Yes, it will be overwritten. Moreover assets files in ow_static directory will be overriten on every oxwall cache purge - it is just public directory for storing such static content for plugins/themes etc visible for web.
Andrea C.
Andrea C. Apr 23 '15
Thanks, a lot.