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Bug Reports - Friend Lists | Forum

Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Apr 20 '15
Let me know about all bugs or troubles
Tecca Nov 26 '15
Hey there,

The gearwheel at website.com/friends is attempting to load from the Simplicity theme's folder as a .png, but Simplicity uses the .svg format for this file. Essentially, the image is broken in the Simplicity theme.

Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Nov 29 '15

Thank you for the report I will fix it in the next plugin update. 

Georg Dec 3 '15
its killing the user profil pictures !, When i disabled this Plugin, i cann see the Profil Pictures, wen i Enabled plugin ... Other Profil Pictures are killed! Pls Solves this or refound!

.ow_profile_gallery_avatar_image {

  1. background-image:url("http://link to Avatar Picture");

This line isnt present when plugin is active!

The Forum post is edited by Georg Dec 3 '15
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Dec 3 '15
Hello Georg,

Could you pm me your site url. I need test the issue on your site. What theme do you use? Could you provide a screenshot of the issue.

Georg Dec 3 '15
done ... 
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Dec 4 '15

The avatar issue was fixed and the plugin update is released:


Thank you for the report.

Georg Dec 4 '15
thanks for fix ... :)
Anitaku Sep 8 '16
Been dealing with this issue for ages, but finally figured out where it was coming from.

Turns out your Friends List plug in creates a bug where users can befriend themselves.

To reproduce this bug:

1. go to your demo site (demo.oxpro.org).

2. sign into demo1's account. 

3. go to another profile and right click "add to friends" button and click "copy link address".

4. Find out your personal user id (demo 2's was 248, so i assumed demo1 would be 247)

5. Paste the URL you copied from demo2's profile (http://demo.oxpro.org/friends/action/request/id/248/) and replace 248 with 247.

It will take you to a error page due to there being too many redirects, however the request will go through, so if you simply click back, you will see the friend request from yourself (demo1) sitting there waiting to be accepted.

I have had numerous discussions with Ross trying to track this error down and it seems it is being caused by your plug in.

  friends error.png (78Kb)
Sergey Kambalin
Sergey Kambalin Oct 10 '16
Phil W,

Thank you for the report. I will check and fix it soon.

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