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Removing "Email" from join/sign-up page (1.7.3) | Forum

Dave Apr 20 '15
Due to the nature of the site I am trying to create, I do not require the users to give their email during registration.

Is there a PHP/HTML tweak that can allow me to remove this from the signup page?

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dave Leader
dave Apr 20 '15

Short answer no.

longer answer,

tweak lol   how about a major overhaul.  Ok well maybe not that bad but if your wanting to remove email from the process then you'll also have to consider other software process which requires email.  This is where the issues begin and you will need to either bypass that logic or give it something to use.  And it has to be unique, no duplicates. 

Because of the dependency on the email address that the software has it would be a major undertaking to bypass that logic.   And i really doubt you will find anything on the market that is any different. You are talking about a custom built site and lots of money to do so.

The good news is that if you have tons of money and want to do a project like this, there are plenty of developers that would be happy to bid for the job. 

Oxwall Tips
Oxwall Tips Apr 20 '15
Looks like we got two Daves here =)

+1 to dave's reply.