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Trouble with site | Forum

Rowin Feb 28 '12

Not sure if this is the right topic. I am having an issue it is the following.

Recently i installed oxwall fresh on my website.

Since i am experimenting a lot with joomla and wordpress i thought i could just make subdomain here and there for those sites using directadmin. Everything went allright.

Now i have located one error which causes my subdomains not to work out.

If i change this line in my htacces file it will work, but then i wont be able to use oxwall propperly.

Question is can i solve it?

The line in question is the: RewriteEngine On

When i have it set to on, my oxwall functions normal. But my subdomains do not.

When i set it to off, my subdomains work but my oxwall wont.

Is there a sollution to my problem? 

thanks in advance ;) 

Rowin Feb 28 '12
aha i tried out something myself. It was very logical in the end.

I have moved the rewriteengine on like halfway in the .htacces document

then at the end i put the same but put rewriteEngine off.

And now it works.