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Problems and support - catalog | Forum

Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Oct 5 '16
I noticed your plugin doesn't use "FRIENDLY URLs" can you fix this on your next update since well now Oxwall is SEO friendly. This would be great, i noticed my url's show like this http://www.myvirgo.info/places/view/19 instead of http://www.myvirgo.info/places/view/mall-of-africa.... Hope to see the fix and hoping maybe someday a mobile friendly version of this.
Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Jan 4 '17

Checkbox in FIELDS gav me error on search. But not then i use Rich Tekst field insted.

Moreover, one can say:

The search function does not work. And in FIELDS, Text field and Checkbox does not work either

Nanuky Jan 15 '17
Hi i would ask, is your plugin Mobile responsive ?   I would like if you upload a mobile responsive theme, so all can see it easy.
It looks good on your website but if it is not Mobile responsive, i have a big problem and can´t need it
Yevhen Jan 26 '17
Have the problem after update. Errors on adding new field into any catalog. Seems that db handler code has been changed....
The Forum post is edited by Yevhen Jan 26 '17
  oxwall_catalog_bug.png (251Kb)
Ken Feb 6 '17
If you want to use maps that bad just disable any other enabled used google map plugin or use 2 different API keys--- basically using another google map with the same keys sometimes will interfere with maps ---using 2 different maps like bing and google maps together to prevent map interference:
Leo Mar 19 '17
How do I could monetize using your plugin? It's not clear, is it a payment processor dependent, which means, will I have to buy a payment plugin to it? Thanks
newhires00 Apr 14 '17
Can you add the ability to search by LOCATION? I would like to be able to find things in my city
Ketil Ervik
Ketil Ervik Apr 27 '17
He previously informed me that he plans to post the plugin for free! Think this plugin is dead!

A lot of wasted money on the plugin out there. Developers come and go, but no one takes over the projects!

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Oct 10 '17
I have an issue with the Catalog plugin, it appears that the plugin has stopped the whole of my site from working.

Is the author still around? Is there any support?

Not sure if I can re-install (or how) or un-install (or how)!

Can anyone assist further?

Kind regards


molynnda Sep 16 '20
Hello, I am having some issues setting up CATALOG on my website.                                   1- How do I set up multiple catalogs?

Issue: I have filled out information for 2 catalogs, but on my search menu only Categories and fields from 1 catalog show
2- How do I get Catalog to appear in the menu?Issue: Catalog does not appear as a link into my menu 3- How do I add the symbol to the Add Option in menu?Issue: No icon is shown for Add4- When I click on "Search", I get error codes, why?

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