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How can I right justify or make the login box smaller? | Forum

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Juan Nov 18 '10
I'm trying to make the login box at the top of the site smaller in width or justify it to the right of the page so it doesn't cover my logo but I can't seem to find the location of the box anywhere. See attached...
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  Log-in_box.jpg (26.84Kb)
Martin Nov 18 '10

maybe this can set be on


Juan Nov 19 '10
Thanks Martin, I gave it a try but no change, I even deleted the file from the server and nothing happend. :(
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Martin Nov 19 '10
Hi Juan Bartet

Try on this:


line 8

Juan Nov 19 '10
Hey Martin, it worked!! :) I changed the width from 160px to 115px..

My file: /ow_smarty/template_c/%%CF^CFB^CFB61A93%%ajax_sign_in.html.php

Thank you so much, you are very smart :)

Take care!
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Bjorn Nov 21 '10
the files in this folder: /ow_smarty/template_c/ are temp files.
These files must be deleted when any changes is done in the php files to the site.
When you edit this file: ow_system_plugins/base/views/components/ajax_sign_in.html

The same file from template_c folder must be deleted.
If not, you cen get errors or the change can later be gone.
Den Team
Den Nov 22 '10
Hello guys!
Please, don't touch files in template_c folder. These are temp files.
You can modify signin page in this file:
- ow_system_plugins/base/views/controllers/user_standard_sign_in.html : modify this file if you want to change a markup.
Juan Nov 22 '10
oops!! Thanks for the heads up!! Adden

I'll try that next time...
Bjorn Nov 22 '10
Addenster: Is it a bad thing to delete the files in template_c folder after change is done in other files ?
I have deleted the files many times after i have done some changes, and my site is still working :)
Den Team
Den Nov 23 '10
Bjorn: No, this isn't a bad thing. You can do it without problems.
But the system do it automaticaly, you just need to enable DEV_MODE in ow_includes/config.php file . In this case template_c folder will be regenerated every time when you click F5. Use thid mode on only for customizing and development.
You need to disable DEV_MODE in production for best performance.
Juan Nov 23 '10
Sorry Adden but I tried modifying the sign in box using the:
- ow_system_plugins/base/views/controllers/user_standard_sign_in.html and that didn't work... I tried changing the user and password box style='width:160px;margin to 120px and nothing happend... I left it at 120px just in case but I had to go back and use Martin's method of editing the: /ow_smarty/template_c/%%B2^B2C^B2C270B6%%ajax_sign_in.html.php temp file.
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Den Team
Den Nov 24 '10
Did you set dev_mode in TRUE in ow_includes/config.php file before modifying ow_system_plugins/base/views/controllers/user_standard_sign_in.html?
Juan Nov 24 '10
No I missed that part... I just tried it and it didn't work... the signin box didn't change at all and after setting the dev_mode to true in ow_includes/config.php the theme got whacked out and the signin box won't go back to how I last had it even after replacing the files back to their last state... Back to the drawing board :(
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Den Team
Den Nov 29 '10
It works nice if you follow rules :)
If you want to make any changes with layout, by first step, set dev_mode in true.
And then you can customize theme's files/css
If you do your customization in cache folders (templates_c), all your changed can be lost in any other moment :)
Juan Nov 29 '10
Okay Adden, I trust and believe what you say so I'm going to backup the whole site and try again, believe me I want to do it the right way :)

Okay, I did what you said and set the dev_mode to true in ow_includes/config.php then tried to edit the user_sign_in.html but nothing happend... there's no change to the user/pass login box, the box even looks longer now Lol!... Is there something I could be missing? Please see attached.
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  login_box.jpg (54.46Kb)
  user_standard_sign_in.jpg (71.05Kb)
Den Team
Den Nov 30 '10
It seems that we try to change different SignIn :)
- If you want to change top signin, edit this file:
- if you want to change main Sign in page, edit this file:

Let me know if this isn't work for you.
Juan Nov 30 '10
Got it!... finally this works! :)

This works too :)

Thank you Adden!
The Forum post is edited by Juan Nov 30 '10
  top_sign_in.jpg (32.19Kb)
  main_sign_in.jpg (30.45Kb)
Den Team
Den Nov 30 '10
Brooklyn Sweet
Brooklyn Sweet Apr 19 '11
Juan what codes did you put to move your login box???