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Plugins for Automatic Takedown w enough user Flags & Update with messaging | Forum

Michele May 31 '15
I don't know if anyone could help me with 2 vital things ? 

1) I'll need someone to design a plug in so people can't Message the Admins Profiles or the moderate celebrity Profiles I'll have .... so for certain user roles the private message option goes away

2) See this thread on how I really need an automatic flagging system where if enough users flag something it automatically gets taken down http://www.oxwall.org/...m/topic/36928?page=1; My site is a ministry and not a business so I know I won't be able to afford paying tons of moderators right away =)

I feel like both of these things could be Really useful to the ow community as a whole. 

Maybe let me know what ya think? =)