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Dashboard - view my invite groups in widget | Forum

Michal Sekela
Michal Sekela Jun 10 '15
Please help with a plugin for oxwall Group. Solve the problem in the file user_groups_widget.php. I would like the dashboard display their group. Groups I get when I do a mod moderation.

widget not showing my hidden groups

 I think that would be enough to modify the terms of this code, but you do not know was repeated advice.

    $userId = $params->additionalParamList['entityId'];
        $count = ( empty($params->customParamList['count']) ) ? 3 : (int) $params->customParamList['count'];

        // privacy check
        $viewerId = OW::getUser()->getId();
        $ownerMode = $userId == $viewerId;
        $modPermissions = OW::getUser()->isAuthorized('groups');

        if ( !$ownerMode && !$modPermissions )
            $privacyParams = array('action' => GROUPS_BOL_Service::PRIVACY_ACTION_VIEW_MY_GROUPS, 'ownerId' => $userId, 'viewerId' => $viewerId);
            $event = new OW_Event('privacy_check_permission', $privacyParams);

            try {
            catch ( RedirectException $e )


        $userName = BOL_UserService::getInstance()->findUserById($userId)->getUsername();
        if ( !$this->assignList($userId, $count) )


        $this->setSettingValue(self::SETTING_TOOLBAR, array(array(
            'label' => OW::getLanguage()->text('groups', 'widget_user_groups_view_all'),
            'href' => OW::getRouter()->urlForRoute('groups-user-groups', array('user' => $userName))


thank you very much
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Taissa Team
Taissa Jun 11 '15
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Michal Sekela
Michal Sekela Jun 11 '15
Anyone not think of anything? I just need to show a dashboard widget and hidden groups in which I am adding. Now I only appear in public that I added. A hidden up when I click to view all groups.

Thank you for your help