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Help: Disable Likes or Comments from having their own News feed post | Forum

Erock Jun 18 '15
When someone likes or comments on a Newsfeed post, a new post is created to let everyone know that so-n-so liked or commented on so-n-so's post. I want it to stop doing that. What do I need to remove in which file to do so?

I like the likes and comments features, but I'd rather not have them clutter the newsfeed.

Thanks ahead of time for your help (whoever ends up helping me)!


Erock Jun 18 '15
Thanks for the quick answer. 

I tried what you suggested, and the only thing that seemed to do was take the "so-n-so liked/commented on this post" part. So now it looks like they just posted the same thing again, but there is one more like or comment than last time. 

I thought maybe it was because of the if else statement afterwards so I tried commenting out that as well, and it seems that it didn't change anything. 

//$shouldExtend = $this->displayType == NEWSFEED_CMP_Feed::DISPLAY_TYPE_ACTIVITY && $lastActivity !== null;         //if ( $shouldExtend )        //{           // if ( !empty($lastActivity['data']['string']) || !empty($lastActivity['data']['line']) )           // {               // $data = $this->applyRespond($data, $lastActivity);           // }       // }                //if ( $lastActivity !== null )        //{           // $data = $this->extendAction($data, $lastActivity);            //$data = $this->extendActionData($data, $lastActivity);        //}

I think the change needs to be made before this point because at this point, the code has already decided it is going to make a new post from the last activity. The code above seems to just decide what it is going to do with it. 

I should clarify that if each post in the newsfeed had a number, and I went to like number 5, I don't want number 5 becoming number 1 after I like it. I want all posts to stay put. I basically want the newsfeed to behave like facebook in that sense.

Again, thanks for your quick reply and your insight @Rebecca!

Taissa Team
Taissa Jun 18 '15
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Dnyan Nov 27 '15
Thanks it work to remove x like y from the top of news feed
Jojo Feb 2 '16
I have an answer that just stops all of the user's "Activity" from posting automatically. Do you still want to know this?
It stops ALL activity from posting though. But you can post comments still and new status'
dfp Oct 23 '18
Yes, please, Jojo
John Oct 24 '18
david john
david john Feb 28
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