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Data Exporter issue.. | Forum

Den Team
Den Oct 20 '11
I answered you in PM :)
jeo Oct 20 '11
@ Vicki: I just got my dater exporter to work now! i fink you mite have the same problem i had you need to change your cron cause on my site it keep saying members online but they ware offline and had loads of site errors so have a look at your cron & change it then your exporter should work :)
Chris Bezuidenhout
Chris Bezuidenhout Apr 10 '12
Addenster my exporter worked but I'm importing now for over 12 hours with only 16 members still getting the Import in progress message, how long can it take??
Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Apr 11 '12
When i export my site it only takes about 3 to 5 mins id say anything over 30 mins may be too long...    After a long conversation with arvixe it seems that step 10 on the installation guide is where we are having a problem.

Before running the Import plugin, please increase the 'maximum_execution_time' php directive value at least to 30 minutes

It seems they have a timeout of 2 mins so they are going to create a custom php file for us. Ill share some more information as it comes

See if changing the timeout helps if its not the cron settings.

Joseph Apr 13 '12
where is this at because I see no step 10 in the installation guide for oxwall
Joseph Apr 15 '12
awesome thanks I have made these changes and will get back to you guys about how the export import goes now that its all set up
Joseph Apr 16 '12
nope nothing no difference I am now in full compliance with all of this yet nothing happens and Im losing valuable customers from this
Blaine Jul 1 '12
i am getting a 404 error when i try to load the settings for data exporter

i ran cron and noticed any time i enable data exporter it causes this error to be at the top of all my oxwall pages:

* @package ow_plugin.data_exporter * @since 1.0 */ $plugin = OW::getPluginManager()->getPlugin('dataexporter'); OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('dataexporter_export', 'admin/plugins/dataexporter/', 'DATAEXPORTER_CTRL_Admin', 'export'));

any clue on how to fix it? i need to export this soon

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