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Compatibility - Groups | Forum

Oumy Jun 23 '15

Each Plugin obviously has its own Oxwall compatibility in the description area.

My issue is that I don't even know which version I have.

My website is powered by Skadate. Skadate sugguested me to get plugins from Oxwall since the begining, which I did... But I never downloaded any version from oxwall.

Should I ? I am confused. Can you clarify this for me... Thank you!


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Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jun 30 '15
Go to your admin panel, in left bottom corner you can see which version of the software you have now.
Oumy Jun 30 '15
Got it! I have version 1.7.3 Thank you!

PS : group plugin forum works great now. I uninstalled the SEO plugin. That was the issue.

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 2 '15
Great. Thanks for letting us know.As to the SEO plugin issue you have, please contact SEO plugin developer to resolve the issue.
Oumy Jul 27 '15
Hello Owall, I updated my platform. I have version 174 now, do I take a risk to add group plugin or is it compatible ?
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 27 '15
Oumy the current version of the software is 1.7.5, there can be compatibility issues with the old version, the plugin or software may malfunction, we recommend to keep the software and plugins up-to-date
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